Hello! Gizoogle is a website that changes words around and makes some pretty funny stuff sometimes. I have grabbed somethings and changed them in Gizoogle to put on here. Beware, there is bad language in these. So, if that is offensive to you, do not read them. If you have any suggestions on what to gizoogle or have gizoogled something and wish to maybe have it on this page, contact me either on my tagboard or via email. Enjoy!

Home Page Welcome:

Welcome to different dimensions. this is my, ben, personal site mah nizzle. it includes mah art n blingin'. i makes all of mah art wit photoshop cs3 n i write in word n shit. takes a look around n have fun cuz this is how we do it. although, D-to-tha-izzont steal any of mah writ'n or mah art, which im try'n ta git betta at, i swear doggystyle! if you have any comments, complaints, or find any problems wit this site, pleaze tell me via email found in tha contacts pizzle or just leave a message on mah tagboard. so, enjoy!

Update #4: July 24th, 2007

An update fo' sheezy! YAY . Yippie yo, you can't see my flow! Anyways, what I did, was add a new art section, Harry Baller from tha streets of tha L-B-C. Not only T-H-to-tha-izzat, yesterday, I added a poser set section which will git more shortly. For HP section, it only has one wiznall so far but mizzy will come, ridin' as I already gathered mah textures n caps with my forty-fo' mag. I jizzle need ta makes tizzy now so sit back relax new jacks get smacked. Anyways, tha nigga set I added was a Heroes: Gangsta banna set. The HP wall is one on a strange n wonderful brotha Bellatrix Lestrange so jus' chill! Enjoy!