About Different Dimensions

My inspiration for creating a website started just a few months after I first started making fanart, actually. After about a year of making fanart, my website was open for business due to the fantastic, almighty Line @ Taste-of-Honey. The name of my website came from both my love of multiple fandoms and my writing. My love of multiple fandoms inspired this because I don't just love one universe or dimension, but tons of different universes. The Buffyverse, Jossverse, BSGverse, Weedsverse, etc. are all wonderful. The writing part of it was based off of my series, "Riley: The Series" and Kevin @ BuffyForum's series, "The Demon Slayer". They both live in different dimensions, but we wanted to somehow connect our series anyways. "The Demon Slayer" was canceled after only six episodes, but Kevin's new series, "East Wick" is part of DD Inc. and this series is going strong. Fun Fact: "East Wick" and "Riley: The Series" are both part of DD Inc., of course standing for Different Dimensions Inc., but "East Wick" and "Riley: The Series" are actually both in the same 'dimension'. Characters cross over from both series and crossovers have been planned.